Capital Campaign – Light the Gardens – THANK YOU! A HUGE success, over $50,000 was raised and we now have beautiful colorful lights to extend the “Wonder” into the night. 

Fulfilling the Vision – The Everglades Wonder Gardens’ Future

Five years ago, the Everglades Wonder Gardens was just about to shut down for good, when concerned community leaders and the Bonita Springs City Council stepped in to save it. Fortunately, these individuals understood that this place is much more than just an 80-year-old roadside attraction—it is the heartbeat of downtown Bonita Springs, and it represents the soul of a community whose population has risen from 356 to 56,000 since the Gardens opened.

As a result, these leaders formed a public-private partnership, saving the landmark from commercial development forever. Going by the legal name Bonita Wonder Gardens Inc., Everglades Wonder Gardens operates as a not-for-profit corporation supported by gifts.

A multifaceted jewel, today Everglades Wonder Gardens is sparkling brighter than ever. It’s a popular family attraction, an environmental education center, a wildlife sanctuary for rescued birds and reptiles, an anchor site in Bonita Springs’ downtown redevelopment plans, and a haven of botanical beauty on the banks of the Imperial River. Its lush gardens remind us of Southwest Florida’s rich and rare beauty.

Now that Everglades Wonder Gardens is permanently rooted and thriving, what’s next?

Our vision is to be the No. 1 attraction in Southwest Florida; to attain national recognition as a top US small zoo and botanical garden; and to help people of all generations better appreciate and understand our fragile environment, plant-animal dependencies, and the unique Everglades ecosystem.

With your help, we will continue to restore and renovate our 3.5-acre site, acquire more plants, take stellar care of our wildlife, and become an even more valuable environmental resource. And, we will keep working for the citizens of Bonita Springs to ensure that future generations always have this historic treasure to enjoy.

Join us! Let’s work together to always keep the “WONDER” in Everglades Wonder Gardens!