Military Macaw

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Learn About the Military Macaw Military Macaw KINGDOM:  Animalia PHYLUM:  Chordata CLASS:  Aves ORDER:  Psittaciformes FAMILY:  Psittacidae GENUS:  Ara SPECIES:  Ara militaris POPULATION SIZE:  20,000… Read More »Military Macaw

Hybrid Macaws

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Learn About the Hybrid Macaw Catalina Macaw KINGDOM:  AnimaliaPHYLUM:  ChordataCLASS:  AvesORDER:  PsittaciformesFAMILY: PsittacidaeGENUS:  AraSPECIES:  Macao X Ararauna POPULATION SIZE:  Not found in the wildLIFE SPAN: … Read More »Hybrid Macaws