Plants & Wildlife

Nowhere else in the Bonita Springs area can you immerse yourself in an 85-year-old botanical jungle.

This treasure was established in 1936 when the Piper brothers began collecting trees native to Southwest Florida, the Caribbean, and South America. Through three generations, those very trees, handpicked by the Pipers, grew into a stunning and lush canopy that was steadily joined by a myriad of orchids, bamboos, bromeliads, and many other specimens.

As the Wonder Gardens transitioned to non-profit status several years ago, the community was unanimous in wanting to save this wholly irreplaceable oasis of wonder and beauty… and to see it grow. That’s why, every time you visit, you are likely to see more new improvements and enhancements. We are ever-growing, ever-evolving, and ever in bloom.

Today our botanical jungle serves as the backdrop for the many exhibits housing our family of rescued exotic birds and reptiles. Although many of them still occupy original exhibit spaces, we are creating new spaces all the time to optimize care for our wildlife.