Yoga, Meditation, and Self Care – Tuesday Morning – With Howard Martin

Yoga, Meditation, and Self Care With Howard Martin

Wonder Gardens is closed until 10:00 but the main building will open at 8:45 for yoga students where the instructor will guide you to the Butterfly Green for class.

Every Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

The focus of this class will be how to best use the tools of yoga science to enable students to
more effectively act with nurturing kindness towards the self. Ideally this will lead to a healthier
state of being which enables one to be more kind, patient, and nurturing towards loved ones.
This class will focus on the fundamentals of postures, alignment, movement, and breathing in a
way that helps prepare students to move inward toward stillness and meditation. It is intended
to be accessible for beginners and ideal for experienced students looking to explore the more

What to bring: water, mat or blanket and a smile.
Arrival:  Enter through the green door left of the main entrance, park opens at 10 AM
Cost:  $10.00 members, $15.00 non-members


In 2006 I reconnected with a regular yoga practice after being distracted for a while. About three years later I completed a teacher certification program and began to teach while continuing to practice and study. The Yoga Sutras became a central thread of my practice in 2015. In 2017 I began to further the study of the Sutras and Tantra with Pandit Rajamani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute: a living master of Tantra and jnana yoga. The institute serves as a modern conduit for ancient teachings from an unbroken lineage. In the role of yoga teacher my intention is to meet students where and how they are, support their efforts to establish a home practice, as well as offer practices that contribute to radiant health, balance, liberation, and inner freedom.



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