Due to our temporary closure,

the Everglades Wonder Gardens

Environmental Learning Center is postponing the

2020 Eco Camp Programs.

Additional information: please call  239-992-2591

Florida Friends – For Ages 7 – 9

June 3rd– 7th and July 8th – 12th

Explores the lives of the amazing animals that live in Florida naturally and those who have been imported from far off lands including mammals, amphibians, birds, fish and reptiles. Lessons about the animals include art, crafts, music and experiences with Everglades Wonder Gardens’ animals.

Happening Habitats – For Ages 10 – 11

June 10th – 14th and July 15th – 19th

Where do our Florida Native animals live? What makes these habitats beneficial to Florida Ecosystems? Campers will learn about Cypress and Mangrove swamps, Pine Flatwoods and Hardwood Hammocks, prairies, beaches and coral reefs. Includes related crafts, arts, music, and authentic learning experiences in the Wonder Gardens.

Nurturing Nature – For Ages 10-11

June 17th – 21st and July 22nd – 26th

How do we take care of our habitats, our animals and ourselves through changes in our climate and landscape? Includes specific ways to care for the water, air and land around Southwest Florida. Arts, crafts, music and experiences in the Wonder Gardens will complement instruction.

Precious Predators – For Ages 7 – 9

June 24th – 28th and July 29th – August 2nd

Have you ever wondered what kind of relations animals have with each another and with their physical surroundings? Learn how plants and animals are connected to create systems of interlocking and interdependent food chains.  Campers will explore the food web, keystone species and apex predators. The role of such animals in nature is crucial, but why?


Each week includes a field trip visit to a nearby site of environmental interest, many activities and lots of fun.  Themes and field trips may change.


Camp hours: 9 AM to 4 pm. Tuition is $150 for Wonder Gardens non-members or $125 for members. There are many scholarships available.