Experience the majestic

Magnificent macaws


Meet our rescued Macaw friends!

Our colorful, free-flighted macaws are part of a rescue operation from Zazu’s House located in Washington state. When the sanctuary closed, the Bird Gardens of Naples answered their call for help and drove to the pacific northwest to collect the birds. Back in Florida, Bird Gardens of Naples worked with us and other non-profits to give these birds a nurturing home.

You can find their habitat, Macaw Aviary located near our Grand & Small Bird aviaries. They are located in their 

We house and care for several species of Macaws including the following species (FUN FACT: Most of our Macaws are Hybrid Species!):

Catalina Macaw

Military Macaw

Blue & Gold Macaw

Ruby Macaw

Harlequin Macaw

Green- Winged Macaw

Scarlet Macaw