Wild World of Wonders Family Club, 2024

Wild World of Wonders Family Club

Children (6-9 years) and a parent or supervising adult will meet on the fourth Sunday morning of each month to build a connection with the local and exotic wildlife that call Wonder Gardens home. Stepping into the lush, tropical oasis, we’ll enjoy animal habitat observations, close-up animal interactions, and hands-on activities to grow environmental awareness while building a community of families focused on making a transformational impact in the world.


January 28

February 25

March 24

April 28

9:30 am – 11:00 am
$10 per child PLUS the cost of admission ($7) 
The first adult ONLY pays admission ($12).

Additional adults pay $10 plus admission ($12)

Enjoy the option to take home a realistic stuffed animal for $20!

Descriptions of themes for each session & rules/ policies for this program are at the bottom of this webpage.

Take home a realistic stuffed animal!

Please list the first and last name, along with ages, and any allergies or special requests.

Please list the first and last name, and any allergies or special requests, of all attending adults.


  • Sunday, January 28th
    • Alligator Antics and Freshwater Friends
      • Join us as we prowl with the reptilian king of North America and investigate freshwater, the “Home sweet, watery, home” to many animals in Florida. Discover how water is filtered to keep it clean, and meet an animal ambassador who depends on healthy water. Take home a realistic stuffed alligator to remember the day, $20 extra.
  • Sunday, February 25th
    • Totally Turtles (and Tortoises)
      • Come out of your shell and meet turtles and tortoises from around the world, including Sulcata tortoises, the third largest species. Discover their life cycle, the different characteristics that make each one unique, and steps we can take to help protect them. Meet one of our tortoise ambassadors, and take home a realistic stuffed tortoise to remember the day, $20 extra.
  • Sunday, March 24th
    • Pollinators’ Paradise
      • Bees, Butterflies, and more! Join us on a “Great Pollination Race” to discover the many different pollinators at Wonder Gardens and the plants they prefer. Delve deeper into the workings of a hive, taste test Billy the Bee’s local honey varieties, and sow the seeds of native Floridian plants to support these important creatures. Take home a realistic stuffed butterfly or bee to remember the day, $20 extra.
  • Sunday, April 21st
    • Tropical Birds and Fanciful Feathers
      • Take flight for a day with the beautiful exotic tropical birds of Wonder Gardens and examine feathers close-up as we discover how feathers work and how they get their vibrant colors. Tap into your artistic side to design your own feather, and meet one of our ambassador birds or one of their reptilian friends. Take home a realistic stuffed parrot to remember the day, $20 extra.

Each child must be attended by at least one supervising adult, age 18 years or older.
No more than 3 paid children per paid adult.

Due to space, we must limit the number of adults attending to 2 per child.
We invite children younger than 6 and older than 9 to enjoy the gardens with an adult on their own, but participation in the class is limited to ages 6-9.
Space is limited to 25 participants in total.

Outdoor Venue: Wonder Gardens is primarily an outdoor venue. We recommend that participants dress for the weather, bring plenty of water to drink, and wear sunscreen and insect  repellent. In the event of unsafe weather conditions such as lightning within a 5-mile radius, our policies require us to clear the park. Participants may shelter in the Welcome Center. For short-duration closures, programs may resume after the weather threat has passed. Longer-duration weather events will necessitate a cancellation and rescheduling.

Cancellation Policy: We understand that weather, healthcare, staffing, and other responses or other unforeseen events may necessitate a class cancellation by either party. The participant must provide notification of cancellation a minimum of 24 hours in advance to receive a refund. If the class is canceled by Wonder Gardens, all registered and paid participants will receive a refund. If a credit or makeup class is offered by Wonder Gardens, the participant may accept that credit or the offered refund.

Registration information to be collected:

  • Each child’s first and last name and age
  • Each adult’s first and last name, email, and phone number
  • Any allergies or accommodation requests